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News from BARC
BARC Electric Cooperative and Bath County High School have teamed up to offer a Summer Internship Program to eligible 2014 Bath County High School Juniors and Seniors. The internship would allow eligible students to gain valuable work experience in BARC’s Member Services and Right-of-Way Depar..
BARC's financial audit for 2013 has been completed. No adjustments to our records were necessary. No weaknesses in our internal controls were identified. We are now proceeding with plans to allocate 2013 margins to our members...
BARC is moving to LED lighting for yard lights. LED lights use significantly less energy and are expected to have a longer life expectancy. We have been using a pilot program since last year, and feedback from customers has been good. We are now going to use LED lighting as our standard light..
04-Apr-2014 Billing Improvements
Bills are being redesigned to improve clarity and lower costs Details include: 1) clearer description of current charges 2) elimination of (red) delinquent bill, and 3) Cost savings. For example, the elimination of (red) delinquent bills will reduce confusion resulting from getting two bills..
Just a reminder, as of 4/1/2014 our credit card processor began charging $3.95 for payments made by credit or debit cards. Fee is $3.95 per each $300 transaction per account. Don’t forget all the options to avoid this fee including paying at BB&T banks or setting up drafting from your..
Good news! Energy usage by our customers dropped 15% between February and March. Perhaps the long-awaited spring is finally arriving...
In the event a loved one passes away that is a customer (member) of BARC, don’t forget to let us know. The heirs may be entitled to a refund the member’s capital credits...
21-Mar-2014 3 Updates from BARC
1. February member survey results are in! Overall score is 90% satisfaction, up from 86% for February 2013. Keys areas of strength include meeting expectations (95%) and courteous service (91%). Received 92% rating in response to question: “Do you feel BARC provides a good value?&rdq..
Effective March 1, the rates BARC charges for purchased power have been restructured to reflect changes made by BARC's power supplier, Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC). This restructuring entails rolling the Fuel Recovery Charge into the Generation Charge. This change is "rate neutral"..
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